shuang ren hsu

TAIWAN Noodle Shop & Restaurant Since 2009


   Founded in 2009, Shuangrenhsu (Romanization of Chinese last name, Hsu徐; abbreviated to “SRH”) dedicates to better food quality and tastier Chinese cuisine. We insist on using additive-free and healthy ingredients to make our sauces and noodles, which stands us out in traditional Asia market.

   Originated from grandma Hsu’s recipe, the Hsu brothers put new spirit and healthier ingredients into making traditional Soybean paste and noodles, one of our most popular noodles. It is these delicious recipes and high-quality ingredients that bring our brand famous and win awards all around the world (Monde Selection 2016, iTQi superior taste award…and more.) 

   SRH now has restaurants in Taiwan, and noodle products sold overseas (Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, U.S., Paraguay, and Europe.) We’d like to break the stereotype of greasy Chinese food that most traditional restaurants made, and aim to bring more delicious and healthier Chinese food to the world!